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Once again, leaving public because I'm linking from outside of Livejournal.

Today is the anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination, and I'd like to share an image from that time period. I think it has some currency in our own political discussions today:

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Although my Livejournal is, in general, friends-only, I've made this post public so that I can link others to it from other platforms.


Yesterday, I talked to folks who should have voted for Clinton but didn't. Today I'd like to talk to Trump supporters, because there are a couple of things that I feel you need to understand, and also a couple of things I feel that you have an obligation to do.

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Although my Livejournal is, in general, friends-only, I've made this post public so that I can link others to it from other platforms.


Several weeks back, I made a post (over on Facebook, since I'm so rarely here these days) about making a conscious effort to be less abrasive in political posts, to do better at trying to balance integrity with compassion, and practicality. I also asked to be called-out when I fail at that, so I'll ask for a bit of forbearance with regards to this post, because I'm quite emotional now, writing this. The day after any election is a heated time. The day after this election, well, I'm sure you can all understand.

I'll try to be more magnanimous tomorrow.

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cross-posted to [ profile] talk_politics. Left as public because it was posted elsewhere.

The so-called "alt-right" is an American political movement described as containing elements of nativism, white-nationalism (sometimes including separatism or supremacy,) a belief that Christianity is a core and essential element of "Western Civilization," as well as sometimes antisemitism and neo-reactionary opposition to Democratic forms of government. While this kind of movement is certainly not unique to the U.S., its popularity is, and that demands some examination.

As stated above, while the adherents of "alt-right" philosophy would deny that it has any one specific definition, it's become clear that it is, if not fundamentally aligned with, at least friendly with white nationalism and christian dominionism, and is at least somewhat hostile to democracy. This presents a problem: the vast majority of American citizens reject these things (or at least their most overt manifestations.) Most Americans were raised to believe in the ideals of the Enlightenment, the ideals held by the Founding Fathers: ideals of democracy, equality of race and gender, and freedom of religion. Admittedly, the U.S. has not always adhered to these ideals perfectly (sometimes not at all,) but they have always been held up a goal, an ideal to strive towards, and our understanding of them has only broadened over the centuries. In the early twentieth century, it likely would not have been hard to find folks who'd agree, at least in part, with the philosophy espoused later by the Nazis. Today, it would be much harder to find people willing to agree with that.

Enter the alt-right. The alt-right is facing a problem: most folks reject what they are offering, when it's presented openly and honestly. Most Americans do not want nativism, white nationalism (or white separatism,) neoreactionism, or dominionism.

The alt-right has a solution to this problem.

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Leaving public because it relates to my previous post about fear. Action taken in fear, without thought and merely for the sake of action, is wrong, regardless of which party does it.


The latest attempt by Senate Democrats to pass a "no-fly, no buy" bill was defeated. The bill would have prohibited firearms purchases by people on the Terrorist Screening Center's "No Fly List." I've heard lots of people blame the Republicans for preventing passage of the bill. I've heard them called "obstructionist," or that they are "standing in the way." I've heard the claim that they are, in effect, "voting for terror suspects to buy guns."

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Leaving public because I think it's worth repeating.

When we are faced with moments of crisis, it is all too easy to fall back on reactions that served us well in the wild, and have remained ingrained within us: fight or flight. Something happens, and we perform a stress response. The problem with this kind of response is that it is automatic, and often unthinking. It might work when suddenly confronted with a predator, but when we're dealing with issues that affect the lives of millions of people and exist in the world of realpolitik, an unthinking response is the last thing we want to perform. Had world leaders during the Cold War reacted to every threat and perceived slight without measured thought and consideration of consequences, we would have all perished in nuclear fire. Yet all to often, we (meaning all of us humans) can so easily resort to such quick, but harmful methods of reaction.

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